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The easiest way to get an Intel Map Time Lapse from. All you need is to fill out the request form. Right after you recording started you will receive a START email. A STOP email holding links to all screenshots, the movie and the GIF animation arrives around 60 seconds after your scheduled stop time.

Capture your fieldart, big fields or just observe an area. Even Intel links showing a single portal or any kind of link arrangement can be captured.

Each picture shows a stamp with your local time and project name.

Schedule as early as 5 min to start time. That's it. Feel free to record by yourself using the windows based software IIDSC Recorder.

~3700 (30.01.2016) Intel Recorder recordings since 06.2015 without a single trust issue.

~unkown number using IIDSC Recorder since 01.2014 without a single trust issue.


For any questions please contact support@intelrecorder.com
Latest News
18.07.2016 IITC disabled
Due to changed licensing of Mapquest map tiles we had to disable IITC for now. We'll enable it as soon as possible.
28.06.2016 All good things come to an end
No, we're not shutting down. It's just... The disk is full... We will delete all recordings from may and earlier on 04.07.2016 UTC +2 10pm. Please be sure to download and backup all of your files. In the future, files will be deleted on a monthly basis, since the usage of the delete feature is not so big.
30.05.2016 STOOOOOOP!!!
If you ever need to stop a recording early, but don't want to loose the files, you can now just hit the Stop button and the recording will immediately stop and start post-processing. Always good for those early birds, getting things done faster than planned.