18.03.2018 After almost 2 years we are not able to run the online service anymore. Details will follow in the community.

Who has access to the requests?

Only the IIDSC Team (2 persons) will have access to the requests.

When will a recording be rejected?

just a few examples: recording time <15min
recording time>24h
recording start is after stop

Which files will I receive?

Depending on being a donator or not you will receive all files (pictures, movie and gif), branded/not branded.

Which time brand will the files show?

The server will drive the recording out of UTC+1/UTC+2 Germany, but you pictures will be labeled with your local UTC time.

Is there a chance to get all files without brands?

Yes, donators are able to get everthing without lables.

Whats the average size of the complete package?

This depends on the capture time. Capture time 3h=around 80mb, 24h = 650mb

What resolution will the pictures & movie have?

1620 * 1080. Depending on post image processing its getting a bit smaller.

What will be captured?

The stock ingress intel map. IITC support is available.

What's the difference between Standard and Fieldart

Fieldart: min level: 4, max: 8
Standard: min level:0, max: 8

I checked upload to Youtube option but the OP failed and I don't want the Video to be uploaded. What's to do?

Contact support@intelrecorder.com. Usually it needs around 48h before the video is available on YouTube.

How to cancel a request?

Go into myrequest and press the cancel button next to your request.

How many requests am I able to do?

Depending on the plan you are able to request 5-15 each week

My recording is already started but op is delayed?

Actually the best way is to just request another recording right after you mentioned your final stop time is moving.

A recording was aborted?

You will get back these request. Existing files will be deleted.

Which costs will arise?

For you as a user no cost will arise. Donators will receive extras.

Whats the time between shoots?

This depends on the zoomlevel. From 20-120secs

How long the movie will be?

This is depending on the recording duration. From 10 secs up to 2min (24h captures)

How to switch to another plan?

Being a donator grant you access to extras.

Why the IIDSC YouTube videos showing advertisement?

With those clicks the service is fetching around 50€/year, which will be used to pay the service infrastructure for at least 1.5 month.

Could i use my own music track for the request YouTube Clip?

Yes/No. Get in contact with support@intelrecorder.com.

I just want to use a single feature out of a specifc plan?

Thats not possible. If necessary plan will be revised.

How long the files will be available?

This depends on the file hoster. The hoster which is currently in use allows to download for at least 30 days

Is it possible to use my own IITC script?

No, so far not.

Where is the server location?

Germany UTC+1/+2

Which emails will I receive after my request?

1) Request reveived
2) Start
3) Stop
4) In case something went wrong also an Abort.

How to report a bug or feature request?

Contact support@intelrecorder.com

I want to setup my local Intel-Recorder. What's to do?

Just join the IIDSC Community and download the windows based IIDSC-Recorder. There you are able to setup your recording more in detail.

Is the source code available?

No, the source code is not available.

How much members the IIDSC G+ community has got?

02.12.2016 1089.

How much request can be handled in parallel?

02.12.2016 11 requests in parallel are possible. Slot 10 & 11 are reserved for donators. Always request as soon as possible to avoid your OP can not being recorder.